Breaking the Mould of Rural Recruitment

Are you tired of dealing with the same old recruitment agencies? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re shaking things up here at In Reach Co. We’re here to give rural healthcare a fresh perspective and make it easier for clinicians to find their perfect fit.

We know that working in a rural area can come with its own set of challenges, but we want to focus on the good stuff – the amazing places, tight-knit communities, and unique experiences that come with it. Our platform is designed to let managers share photos and information about the incredible areas they call home. Plus, we use the Modified Monash Model to filter what locations can advertise on the platform (MMM regions 2-7 only). This way, clinicians are only seeing the cream of the crop of jobs, maybe we’re biased? nah.

We’re all about transparency here at In Reach Co. That’s why we link your business name, location and social media accounts to our ads. This way, clinicians can get a good feel for the facility and community they’d be working in before they even apply. And if they decide to apply through your website instead of ours? No worries. That’s still a win for rural health and there’s no pesky finder’s fees to worry about.

We’re always working on ways to connect your community with the best healthcare professionals. To post a job with us, it’s as simple as creating a free business account, choosing your ad duration, filling out the job form and paying online. We’ll have your job listing live within 24-48 hours. So, if you’re ready to give your community the healthcare professionals they deserve, give In Reach Co. a go.

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