The WHY Behind In Reach Co.

In 2022, two physiotherapists, David Dimech and Clare Austin, decided to tackle a problem that they had seen firsthand whilst working under their mobile physiotherapy business, Project Physio. They had traveled all around Australia, providing physiotherapy services to rural and remote communities and had seen directly how a lack of allied health professionals in these areas can negatively impact a community.

During their travels, they also faced challenges in easily sourcing physiotherapy roles, yet came across many business owners struggling to find staff to fill their vacancies. This is when they realised that there was a gap in the market for an online platform that connects allied health professionals with job opportunities in regional, rural, and remote areas.

Thus, In Reach Co. was born. In Reach Co. is an online job platform that specialises in connecting allied health professionals with job opportunities in regional, rural, and remote areas across Australia. Their goal is to not only be the leading platform in this space, but also to help reduce workforce shortages and recruitment costs for rural businesses. By connecting the right professionals with the right job opportunities, they hope to increase the number of permanent allied health professionals in rural areas.

In Reach Co. is not just another job platform, they strive to be different. They want to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about rural health and are willing to come up with unique ideas to motivate allied health professionals to consider a rural career.

In Reach Co. is currently seeking ambassadors who share their passion and vision to join their team. As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to increase In Reach Co.’s brand awareness, but primarily, to share innovative ideas on how to combat issues faced in rural allied healthcare. Ambassador tasks and task load is determined by you, so you can tailor the role to align with your strengths and interests.

If you’re an allied health professional or student who is passionate about rural health and interested in exploring unique opportunities, In Reach Co. is the perfect platform for you. Join their team and make a positive impact on rural communities while also gaining valuable experience and expanding your professional network.

In Reach Co. aims to be part of the solution for a problem that David Dimech and Clare Austin have seen firsthand. They are committed to connecting the right professionals with the right job opportunities and making a positive impact on rural communities. Join them on their mission and become an ambassador today!

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