Get Rural-Ready with In Reach Co’s ‘University Placement Search Tool’

In Reach Co. is excited to share our plan to create a FREE University Placement Search Tool; a tool designed to help allied health students understand and better prepare for regional, rural, and remote placements all over Australia.

Our platform will allow hospitals, medical clinics, and other facilities (that are approved for university placements), to access a simple space on the website to showcase details of the placements they have on offer. The main benefit for students is that they can easily locate the placements on an interactive map, giving them a clear visual idea of the region they will be moving to. The listed placements will include specific details of the role, expectations, as well as photographs, student testimonies, and highlights of the area, making it easier and less daunting for students preparing for a rural or remote placement.

Additionally, having specific information about a placement’s logistics can reduce the stress and worry many students may have when embarking on a new placement, especially away from home. This can include information about accommodation, where to buy groceries, social sports to join, and how to access local medical facilities.

Universities may benefit from a more efficient way to share information about available placements, working together with student ambassadors to organise and update the details for each placement opportunity throughout the year. In addition, In Reach Co. plans to collate Allied Health specific grants and funding information for students on the platform. Many websites are only state-specific and/or target only nursing and medical professions. We think it’s about time Allied Health Professionals / Students are given the limelight!

Rural clinics also stand to benefit from this feature, as students will become more aware of the work opportunities available to them outside of metropolitan areas for when they graduate. Busy rural clinics/facilities will save time answering the same questions from students before each placement block, as all relevant information is readily available for students to read up on.

In Reach Co. is here to change the perception of rural health from a challenging one to a time of accelerated career growth, a sense of adventure, and an opportunity to improve the lives of not only the clients / patients they will support but also themselves. But we need your help to make this happen! Are you an allied health student, clinic owner, or faculty member at an Australian University? If so, we would love to hear from you. We are currently looking for Universities to trial our placement search tool on In Reach Co. Get in touch via email at

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